Unlock opportunities, organize files and do more! Brilliance File Organizer is the ultimate content management system that lets you store your files in your own computer and search them through very easily and quickly.

Best software to keep track of clients for accountants, lawyers, consultants and anyone who owns a personal or small business and aim to grow more with time.

Organizing and restoring your files have never been so easy! We bring you the ultimate file organization solution. Brilliance File Organizer is the user-friendly, easy to access and affordable software that lets you store your files in your own computer and search for the documents you need very quickly using client names, custom tags, date range (e.g. credit card expiry) and description.

Create client profiles, distribute and attach files to clients, enjoy the power of Brilliance Search Engine to pin point the files that you need searching through years of documents. Move around and search files like it is a piece of cake!

Easy to Use

Brilliance File Organizer has been created keeping personal computer users in mind. Import your files, tag them, create client profiles, and attach your documents to the respective clients.

File Management

Import and move around files between clients with ease. Tag, description, date ranges, even attach an amount. Perfect for accountants, lawyers and personal computer users alike.

Client Management

Create clients, keep detail information and dated notes, create groups, tag, attach and move around files, search and update. Optionally, work without any client.

Image to Text

Convert scanned images and PDF files into searchable text, manually or automatically, attended or unattended. Indexing of scanned contents to search and locate.

PDF Tools

Free tools to manage PDF files. Convert supported files into PDF, merge, page copy and split, password protect/unprotect PDF files. MS Office required to work with office files.

Expense Management

Keep track of your incomings and outgoings. Upload receipts, attach amounts, dates and categories, display directly in the files and folders list, search, create downloadable reports.


Keep track of your simple tasks and reminders. Color coded urgency, attach files and clients, keep dated notes. Perfect for projects where you need to gather some documents.

Easy Import & Search

Import files manually or automatically using custom tags, dates, description, automatic content indexing. Search through years of documents to find just the one you need.

Download Brilliance Now!

Download Brilliance Now!

Brilliance - The ultimate content management system for personal and small business users!