How to Change File Storage Location

  1. Open Seetings window from File Organizer main window or from menu->Tools->Settins.
  2. Note the “File Storage Directory” you previously saved.
  3. Create the intended new folder that you want to use as the new “File Storage Directory”.
  4. Browse to your previous location using “My Computer”, copy “FileOrganizerFileStorage” directory from inside your previously saved “File Storage Directory”.
  5. Paste inside your new “File Storage Directory”.
  6. Update “File Storage Directory” in Settings window with your new directory and click on Save.
    • NOTE: Do not use “FileOrganizerFileStorage” as the new directory. Use the path until the new folder you have just created. E.g. if your new folder is “C:\myfiles” and you have copied “FileOrganizerFileStorage” inside, enter “C:\myfiles” in settings and save. DO NOT USE “C:\myfiles\FileOrganizerFileStorage”.
  7. Close Settings window.
  8. Done.

Niaz Abbas