How to Migrate to a Different Computer

You may want to migrate you copy of Brilliance File Organizer along with your Files to a different computer for different reasons. Perhaps you have bought a new laptop, or perhaps unfortunately your previous computer crashed.

NOTE: In a normal situation, one Brilliance Product / License Key allows you to install and use Brilliance File Organizer on one computer only. However, you may be able to use the same license key on another computer for a certain period of time to assist you with migration process.

Step to follow:

  1. Copy the complete directory (as found in Settings window under “File Storage Directory”) from your previous computer to the new computer.
    • If you cannot access your previous computer anymore, copy it from your cloud storage providers location. We recommend creating your File Storage Directory inside the folder that you backup automatically using Google Drive or Dropbox etc. More on this…
  2. Browse to the ProgramData folder of your previous computer usually found in “C:\ProgramData”, this can vary depending on the version of windows operating system you are using.
    • NOTE: This is a system hidden folder managed by your Windows operating system. Make sure to turn on display hidden files / folder to be able to access it.
    • Locate “File Organizer” folder inside this folder. Copy this “C:\ProgramData\File Organizer” folder to your new computer following the same path (is your new ProgramData folder path different?).
    • If you cannot access your previous computer anymore:
      • Locate the ProgramData folder on your new computer.
      • Create a new folder named “File Organizer” inside this ProgramData folder (e.g. “C:\ProgramData\File Organizer”)
      • Locate the folder “dbbackup” folder inside cloud backup of your “File Storage Directory” and then inside folder “FileOrganizerFileStorage” (e.g. “C:\myfiles\FileOrganizerFileStorage\dbbackup”).
      • Copy all the files from this dbbackup directory to the newly created “File Organize” folder inside ProgramData folder. NOTE: This may or may not be the latest copy of your Client Records etc from the previous computer depending on your usage time relative to the computer crash.
  3. Install Brilliance File Organizer on the new computer.
  4. Activate your product using your valid license key (previous or new).
  5. In the Setting window, provide the new File Storage Directory you have prepared in step#1.
  6. Save and Close.
  7. Done.

Niaz Abbas