November 3, 2017

Brilliance File Organizer aims to help personal computer users in storing, organizing and managing their computer files in their own computers in such a way that managing contents is easy, stored files are easily searched, visualized, tagged, dated and secured.

The software is suitable for consultants, small business users, corporate users as well as personal users. It is particularly useful to users who are in a trade where government mandates data retention; such as:

  • Accountants: An example; In some situations Accountants are required to keep client records for 10 years. Think how difficult it is to find documents from 5-7 years ago for a specific client (among 100s of clients, among 100s of documents from each client) against an audit investigation. Brilliance has built in powerful support backed by search features to attach documents to clients, and find them whenever it is needed.
  • Lawyers: Goverment requirements are even tougher for lawyers compared to other trades.


  • Import scanned files, tax documents, receipts, pictures or any other files. Tag and date them so that they can be searched by an easy to use search engine. Powerful file previewer.
  • You choose your own file storage location – a directory in your own computer or another computer if your computer is connected via a Local Area Network. Ths software maintains a standard windows like file and folder structure that can be accessed via Windows “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer”.
  • Easy to import files into the system.
    • Manually and automatically import files from folders when new files are available (think scanner directory!).
    • Import individual files.
    • Import folders and nested folders.
    • Copy / cut / paste inside the software the way you are already habituated to.
  • Users are able to create Client Records (Optional) in the system and attach relevant and corresponding files and folders to the client records.
    • Import files / folders directly into the client’s own space / directories.
    • Extremely easy to move/copy files between clients.
    • Seach by client name, id, tags, dates and more by creating your own combinations.
    • Store relevant client information.
    • Keep dated notes like you do in forums or facebook.
  • Users can tag each file and folder, write description, enter amounts (think receipts!), provide a date range (think expiry date of driving license!) and all of which become searchable supported by an extremely powerful and easy to use search engine.
  • Files are stored in the same computer where the software is being used. So, you are 100% in control of security.
  • Files are not transferred outside the computer – so, no worries about unintended disclosure of sensitive data.
  • Integrated and easy to use PDF tools to convert, merge and manage your pdf files.
  • Integrated and easy to use Image to Text OCR tools to convert your scanned documents into text files.
  • Integrated and easy to use Income and Expense Management tools. Keep track of your incomings and outgoings with receipts, search and summary reports.
  • Easy to use Tasks and Reminders tools to manage simple tasks, attach files and clients.
  • Automatically retrieves and indexes contents of most commonly used file types. Search through contents easily¬† – supported by proprietary Brilliance Search Engine.
  • Automatically converts scanned / pdf / image files to Text Files, retrieves and indexes so that the Text Files along with the original files can be found by searching through contents easily – supported by proprietary Brilliance Search Engine.

Niaz Abbas