November 3, 2017

When you open the software for the first time and entered the Product Key, it will ask for the Folder Location that you want it to use as it’s primary File Storage location. Once you have entered this mandatory setting information, Brilliance File Organizer will save this location information internally and will create necessary folder structures automatically. You can of course change the directory at later point in time too, if you wish to. It will also create a user called “Root User” that is the primary user of the system.

Steps to follow:

Feagure 1: Settings

  1. File Storage Directory: This is the primary root directory for the File Storage folder. You can create your own folder anywhere in your computer, or a Network Drive and select it by clicking the “Browse” button. You must save the information you have just entered by clicking “Save”.
    • NOTE: When you import files or folders into Brilliance File Organizer, the original files are not modified or deleted – they remain as it is in their original location / folder. The software creates a separate copy of the files inside it’s own file system inside the “File Storage Directory” you have just provided. So, in particular situations, this can act as a backup that can be retrieved by using File Organizer or by using standard Windows “My Computer”.
  2. Auto Import Source Directory: Brilliance File Organizer gives you a convenient tool to import files from a specific folder automatically when new files become available. This can be particularly useful when you have a scanner connected to your computer that stores scanned documents in a particular directory in your computer. Select the directory by clicking “Browse” and then “Save”.
  3. Standard Content Indexing: Turn On/ Off.
    • NOTE: Brilliance File Organizer automatically retrieves and indexes contents of most commonly used file types. Search through contents easily using Brilliance Search Engine.
  4. OCR Content Indexing: Turn On/ Off.
    • NOTE: Brilliance File Organizer automatically converts scanned / pdf / image files to Text Files, retrieves and indexes so that the Text Files along with the original files can be found by searching through contents.
  5. Create Missing Folders: This button is useful only in very particular situaions. For example; IF by accident or a computer crash your file system gets corrupted and Brilliance File Organizer is unable to locate some necessary folders from it’s own structure, it will give you a warning. This “Create Missing Folders” button gives you the option to create those missing folders automatically so that the software can continue to function.
  6. Close: Once you have provided the information on the window and saved them, you can close the Settings window and start using the powerful and easy to use capabilities of Brilliance.
    • NOTE: Only the “File Storage Directory” location is mandatory in the Setting window.

Niaz Abbas