QuickBook’s Practice Management Features

These are useful features really. It would be interesting to know whether individual users will be comfortable with providing documents in such an organized way though. Organizing has it’s own overhead!

Sharing documents online is a good things, it has it’s own usage. But, how much of it is going to be used by individual users when they can send their documents via emails to their accountants? Well, it is definitely going to be a good thing for the accountants if they receive necessary documents in a package like manner, but I guess the poor guy will have to organize documents by themselves even if their clients send those in a haphazard manner. Why would the clients care?

However, if it is the other way round – when the accountants are publishing clients’ documents (of course taking care of all those pesky security details) where the clients have access to (in long term), that is definitely something that the clients can use. Then again, do the clients really want documents containing their confidential information to be online for so long, even if the online portal guarantees privacy and security?


Niaz Abbas